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Catholic Evangelization - the much anticipated book is now available!

As more and more people hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the numbers of the faithful will begin to rise and an increase in the number of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life will follow.

Our objectives: assist in the proclamation of the gospel (to all people), and, build up the church (the Body of Christ). The by-products of these objectives are an increase in faith, as well as a rise in the number of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life.

You have the choice between closing churches and dwindling resources or evangelization and increased stewardship.

Let's fill churches, then build some more!

Let's do it now - there is no time to waste!

The Book: Catholic Evangelization

Painstakingly written to provide Catholics all the necessary information to spread the gospel, build up Christ's church, while at the same time strengthening their faith. When all these magnificent aspects of evangelization are happening, more and more people will hear and respond to the calling to the priesthood and consecrated life, and so - the blessed cycle continues. With the help of the Holy Spirit, this book will show you in no uncertain terms how to get fired up for the Lord. It is also the ultimate book on practical ways of spreading the gospel, giving the reader a step by step guide for application and execution of evangelization methods and principles in innumerable situations.

Not only is this book the definitive resource on practical ways of spreading the gospel and building up the church, it is also an excellent means to renew and revive your own faith and that of others!

ISBN-13 978-0-9867878-1-2

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Evangelization is so important that even God walked among us to do it. He led by example then commanded His disciples to proclaim those life-saving words to others.

Two thousand years ago Christ was the message, and He still is today. We too, as members of the Body of Christ, are obligated to continue spreading the life-giving message of the gospel.

However, the alarming trend is: decreasing faith, less parishioners, fewer churches, and a downturn in the number of vocations to the priesthood. Couple this with increased secularism and other forces at work, and the urgency becomes glaringly apparent.

We are at another critical point in history for the Catholic Church, which is why I wrote this book.

It is not a superficial analysis, nor does it pay lip service to this urgent subject. Catholic Evangelization is the most comprehensive book on practical methods of evangelization that has ever been written.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, even if you applied only one or two of the countless examples, approaches and easy-to-follow steps outlined in this book, it would bear fruit from your works.

At just $4.99 it may be the most practical and beneficial purchase you'll ever make. Click here to buy now and you'll be reading immediately; no waiting weeks for it to be delivered!

Thank you and God bless,

Christopher MacDonald

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 “This book is truly inspiring, insightful, and an invaluable resource for all Catholics.” E. McDonnel, M.Ed., Religious Ed. Instructor, N.S. Canada

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Common reminders about evangelization:

You have to go the people; you can't expect they will come to you

Expecting that others will come to us is a mistake even high ranking Catholics, such as cardinals and bishops, often make. Sure, we must use every resource at our disposal, including electronic means. We must also continually invite others to the church, functions, rallies, gatherings etc. But evangelization, in its most basic form, is about bring the message to others.


Continually pray for help and guidance

Many of us can get caught up in the details when it comes to evangelization - in its many forms. However, the sacraments prepare us for evangelization, and the Holy Spirit guides us. Sometimes, the devil is in the details, if you pardon the expression. So don't over think it, or you may lose valuable opportunities to evangelize or never get started in the first place.

We must pray for guidance for ourselves, and pray for the conversion of the people we are evangelizing. The Lord of the universe is also the Lord of conversion. Have faith. Trust in the Lord.


Evangelize immigrants

Christian countries must also evangelize its immigrants for obvious reasons. For example, some Christian countries are now islamic states; many others are headed that way. So, if you enjoy your freedom and are not partial to burkas and sharia law, I strongly suggest you start evangelizing, lest they continue to overpopulate you and become your subjugators.

It is becoming more apparent that most are blinded or in denial about what is truly going on here. Not surprising, considering who is behind it.

We will surely pay the price for not effectively evangelizing.

Many western countries with their present institutions and way of life, were founded by Christians and built upon Christian principles. If they want those countries to continue that way, they have to allow in immigrants who are culturally compatible. That may not sound politically correct to some, but Christians with their heads cut off is not all that enticing either.

Again: we will pay a heavy price for abandoning our faith (and not defending it), and for not evangelizing.

I encourage everyone to write, call or email their federal politicians and demand a change from the current immigration policies in regards to immigrants from cultures who are opposed to us.

Instead of rely so much on immigration, federal politicians need to encourage Christian families (through tax relief etc.) to have more children. It is hard for Christrian families to expand when many are paying upwards of 15% taxes (and more) on goods and services, high property taxes, and insurance companies that gouge on home and auto premiums.

It is also important to remember the persecuted Christians in other countries, when it comes to immigration.


Lead by example

Pope Francis leads by example. But I'm not too sure about many other high ranking servants of God. I would love to see cardinals and bishops pounding the pavement and bringing the word of God to others, door to door, in the streets, and also leading austere lives that would be an example to all of us. No servant is greater than his master, so we must strive for moderation.

It is my belief, that you would surely see a monumental shift, if cardinals and bishops took vows of poverty, and also began to evangelize everyday in the streets, in poorer neighbourhoods, hospitals, alley ways, ghettos, worn torn areas... etc.


Evangelizing increases our own faith

Evangelizing is the most important task for Catholics. Spreading the gospel helps to increase our own faith, it builds up the church, and, evangelization, by its very nature, will increase vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. It's all true, trust me.


As a final note: no one should underestimate the urgency of the need to evangelize.


You will find much, much more in the book:



A word on so-called "Radicalized Muslims"

The media and others need to stop using the words "radicalized" or "extremists" when referring to muslims who do evil deeds or wish harm to be brought to non-muslims. They are in fact, muslims.

Many of us erroneously believe that it is such a miniscule number of muslims who are actually like-minded in their hatred of non-muslims. However, many muslims (including those living in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and so on) are silently rooting for groups such as ISIS and others to prevail against Christians, Jews and others. Many cheered when the twin towers came down, and other acts of terrorism.

A growing number of muslims are leaving these Christian countries to fight against and murder us.

When Christians abandon their faith, they have to realize that this creates a vacuum for evil to pervade. And for those who are foolhardy enough to dismiss this, I would like to remind them of the many Christian countries that are now islamic states, and others that are headed that way.

Your fear is natural; islamaphobia is an accurate and justified response to the growing spread of islam. Why do you think many muslims want to leave their own islamic states?

Hatred against any group of people is not constructive at all; we are taught by Christ to love all our brothers and sisters. However, we can despise the ideology that is espoused, and look for the face of Christ in everyone.

But let's be clear, no matter what country they live in, muslims are pushing for and inching toward some form of sharia law (even in your country!) as the law of the land, even if they say otherwise. It has happened in other countries and it is coming to your country (even quicker than you think)! Their goal is sharia law.

The truth of the matter is, you can thank God for your freedom because the founders of this country, the country it is today, were Christian, and the veterans who fought for our freedom in the world wars, were predominately Christian.

The only way to maintain our freedom now is to follow our Christian faith and defend it.

Paradoxically, many in western countries enjoy freedoms including the right to terminate/abort the babies growing inside them; however, under sharia law, you won't even be allowed to kill your own baby.

If you like your freedom, you will follow your faith, defend it, and evangelize!

And many thought it didn't matter!!!










catholic evangelization

No other book takes such a thorough and creative examination of the innumerable and practical ways in which Roman Catholics can spread the gospel, build up the church, and at the same time deepen their faith.

This is a timely book considering the decline in the faithful and drop-off in church attendance. With church closures and reasonable estimates that less than twenty-five percent of Catholics go to mass every week, this book is truly a rally cry and wakeup call for all Catholics. It is a superb tool for clergy, parishioners, missionaries, evangelists, teachers, professors and students. With a common sense approach and easy-to-read format, even Catholics new to the faith will find it informative and inspiring. No Catholic should be without this remarkable resource!


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Formats: pdf, doc, text, mobi, kindle, epub, html

300 pages

ISBN-13 978-0-9867878-1-2


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